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April 3, 2012

Recycle Your Wardrobe

You know that dress with the tags still on it that is hanging in your closet?  Or that top you had to have, but have only worn once?  It’s too painful to give these items away, but they are just taking up valuable space in your closet.  Style Blender and Refashioner are here to help.

Vena Cava Dress from Style Blender

Vena Cava Dress from Style Blender

Style Blender is located in West Hollywood and is membership based.  For $30 a month you have access to Style Blender to swap and trade your designer clothes with other women’s clothes.  Just bring in your clothes, shoes and accessories and Style Blender will assign points to them- more points for more expensive items and fewer points to less expensive items.

Max Studio Dress from Style Blender

Max Studio Dress from Style Blender

Once you have all your points assigned, it’s time to shop.   They have a personal stylist on hand to help you decide what stays and what goes in your closet, plus the stylist will help you restyle your current wardrobe ($75/hour).  If you don’t have time to drop off your clothes at Style Blender, they will pick them up for you for just $20!  It’s too easy not to!

Eryn Brinie Top from Refashioner

Eryn Brinie Top from Refashioner

If you aren’t in Los Angeles, or prefer shopping online, there is Refashioner.  Simply upload your pieces that are up for grabs to your virtual closet.  Don’t forget to include a short description to help Refashioner price your items.  Once pieces are priced, and you accept the price, the clothes hit the site for other fashionistas to score.  You get the total price of your items to shop other people’s closets.

Margiela Dress from Refashioner

Margiela Dress from Refashioner

Whether you go with Style Blender or Refashioner, be sure your clothes are clean, pressed and as close to like-new as possible.  Remember, you want to receive near perfect items, so return the favor to your fashion sisters.  Plus, items is good condition are more likely to be picked by Style Blender and Refashioner.

Instead of tossing those too tight heels or dress that just isn’t your color, swap them for something you really want!

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Photos from Style Blender & Refashioner

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