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Kristen Lively

The Stylista: Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant


Do you feel like you have nothing to wear?  Do you feel like your closet is filled with clothes that you rarely wear or don’t even like?  I know that feeling and I can help you organize your closet, restyle clothes and accessories you already own, update your look and help you define and develop your personal style.  Men, this means you too.

Home Visit

Time to go through that closet!  Together we will look at clothes, shoes and accessories you own.  I will be looking for items that are worn out, items that can be repaired or tailored, and items that can be restyled to create a brand new look that you have not thought of before.

You will be asked to try on clothing for style and fit.  I will recommend styling options, fits that work for you and purchases to update your look.  Depending on your wardrobe, this step can take an hour or several hours.


Now, the fun part!  There are several options you can choose from.  One, we can go shopping together.  During this shopping trip we will select clothing together and discuss why it works for you.  Expect this shopping trip to last several hours and include going to a mall and multiple boutiques.

If you are busy, like most of us are, I can go shopping for you.  I will select items that fit your personal style and that will complete your wardrobe.  At a time convenient to you, I will bring everything to your house and let you try on the items.   If there are things that do not fit or you do not like, I will return them.  Simple!


If you have a special event that you need help finding the right outfit for, I can help you perfect your look for that day.  This is great for weddings (the bride, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, black tie weddings), honeymoons, vacations, job interviews, galas or balls or any other event that you want to look extra special for.


Have a quick question? E-mail me your fashion concern.

For more information, or to schedule and appointment, contact me.